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About 5 GOATs

The 5 GOATs are senior business professionals who specialize in marketing tech ventures and understand the nature, intracacies and culture of web3. We are passionate pros that are together as the result of years of team building, assembling the required proficiencies across key business disciplines that, when combined, create change.


Full Stack Web3
Marketing & Communications

Our team approach means our clients benefit from a combined stack of expertise, and collective execution. 5 GOATs fit into startup roadmaps and early-stage budgets by forming a precision team of executive-level web3 marketers and engaging on an as-needed basis.

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Business development

Executive Expertise

We offer web3 founders senior expert knowledge, experience and leadership, with flexible capacity and no risk. We bring resources and take actions that enable founders to implement precise strategies, use the latest tools and be excellent stewards of capital.

Brad Holland, Web3 CEO
The Strategist & Leader

Develops strategies for the corporate vision and business plan, marketing ops leader, strategic initiative creator and results overlord, +20 years in Web business.

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Anna Bittner, Web3 CMO
The Comms Matriarch

Brand voice designer, owned channels empress, head of comms compliance, all things social strategist, final copy champion.

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Garrett Johnson, Web3 BizDev
The Dot Connector

Partnership and investor connector, pipeline builder, deal closer and SalesOps honcho.

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Phillip Vanheuangdy, Web3 Community Architect
Community Architect

Web3 community architect and product expert, global moderator leader, official team rabbitholer and NFT degen.

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Leadership and strategy, compliant communications,
content, community and BizDev



Marketing and communication strategy and execution leadership for founder goals and web3 business plans.


Organic community development, channel strategy, events and global moderation.

Compliant Communications

Brand action, how your stakeholders hear from you, why, where and when.


The right words for your message, written for your audience and edited for your brand.

Business Development

Strategic partnerships that propel business plans as well as precision investor outreach.

Full Stack Web3 Marketing


It's no magic trick; as domain experts, we bring acute specialties and communication superpowers that we amalgamate into a full-stack marketing team-as-a-service for select founders and ideas.

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